Webinars At Ayondo In March 2016

The CFD Broker ayondo takes special care of its customers, or anyone who would like to learn something about CFD trading and the stock market. Webinars are offered on a regular basis, mostly held by financial experts who are not only familiar with the stock market and the instruments used there, but can also moderate corresponding webinars.

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Webinars in March 2016

Webinars are offered by ayondo throughout the month of March 2016. If you would like to participate in an ayondo webinar in March 2016, all you need to do is register via the broker’s homepage. All you need to register is a first and last name and the corresponding email address. It is worthwhile to register in good time, as the number of participants can of course be limited.

Ayondo is offering a webinar entitled “ECB Special Webinar” to coincide with the ECB meeting on 10 March. The Webinar is moderated by Stefan rips, Daniel Saurenz as well as Franz George Werner and begins at 13.30 o’clock. In the coming days to 14. and to 15. March in each case at 19 o’clock seminars take place. These deal on the one hand with the Follower Academy and the topic career status as well as on 15 March with the shares Adidas, SAP as well as the German bank and BMW.

An especially interesting Webinar organizes ayondo on 22 March 2016 at 19 o’clock with the moderator Stefan tears. The webinar is entitled “DAX-Trading: Simple and Successful Strategies” and is of course equally important for beginners and advanced participants. With the starting time 19 o’clock a date is selected, which is suitable for many employees and at the same time e.g. also not with the trading times in the Xetra collides.

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