Gambling Giants Want New Committee

An official name has already been found for the player protection committee, even if it is still a little bit away from an introduction. Under the name “Responsible Gaming Committee”, the five largest gaming companies in Great Britain will work together in the future and expand their activities in this area with this player protection committee. Specifically, the “Big Five” in the UK include GVC Holdings, bet365, William Hill, Flutter Entertainment and Sky Betting and Gaming. Exactly these five companies now want to join forces and set up an independent committee for responsible gambling.

As was announced, the main task of the committee’s cooperation is to make sensible use of the financial contributions of the gambling providers. These are ironically referred to as voluntary contributions , although this is actually only conditionally true. Fact is: The British gambling enterprises must pay annually fees for the player protection. How high these must be, however, is not specified. Some enterprises had preferred it therefore in the last years to make enormously small contributions, partial clearly under 0,1 per cent of the net profits to carry out.

Immer again and again discussions around the levies

around the levies of the gambling industry there were many heated discussions in the past. Straight one because some companies made only an enormously small contribution, switched itself in the recent past increased the policy on and demanded to introduce on legal way a minimum tax . A circumstance, which the industry would like to avoid naturally so well it goes. For this reason, only a few weeks ago the large companies decided to raise the voluntary levies on net profits from 0.1 percent to one percent. Not immediately, however, but in gradual increases. By 2023, the target of one percent should then be reached.

The new player protection committee should worry about these payments in the future. The enterprises hope to be able to donate in this way annually approximately 60 million pounds for the projects of the player protection , in the coming four years it is to become nevertheless already 100 million pounds.

Special focus on the responsible play

As a new speaker of the soon existing committee communicated, the focus should lie above all on the treatment of the play addiction and the campaigns within the range of the responsible play. The following statement applies:

“We are committed to continuing to fund the treatment of gambling addiction and responsible gambling initiatives and we believe that this committee will identify and recommend the best investment opportunities. We believe this is an important step towards a safe gaming environment and look forward to reviewing and implementing the recommendations before the end of this year.”

The companies are completely free to choose where the levies are paid and how much they are paid. However, the British Gambling Commission proposes to support the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board and the GambleAware with the levies.

Baron Chadlington is to lead the Executive Board

The new committee is reported not to be led by the companies themselves, but by an independent Executive Board. This is to be led again by Lord Chadlington, who is actually called Peter Gummar with middle-class name. Chadlington is a confessing trailer of the player protection and demands already for some time that the authorities and politicians use themselves more strongly for the protection of the players. In this respect, the companies may have found a strong solution with Gummar. The “Baron” himself declares his choice:

“I am very happy to accept the offer to throw the chairman of the committee. Especially because the five companies are so committed to following new and appropriate recommendations. I will comment on the exact committee members in mid-September.”

As they say, the Baron and the other members of the committee will not receive any financial compensation for their work. Instead, any money should be efficiently put into the protection of the players. From September it should then be clear what exactly that means. But already now the committee is open for improvements. It was announced, for example, that they would not want to get bogged down in their own recommendations. Instead could also the regulatory authority, the gambling providers or players with a personal experience bring in their suggestions , which projects should be supported.

The British gambling providers are definitely taking a big step in the right direction with the new committee. At the same time also a somewhat bitter aftertaste is behind it, because it might apply, what numerous Insider behind reproach hand maintain: The industry is up-to-date only therefore so active, since the introduction of legal defaults is to be absolutely avoided to a obligation contribution . Whether this activity thus also continues, if the law basis is finally from the table, may be questioned at least easily.